air bag noise `may damage hearing\'

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-24
According to a new report, the noise from the airbag that was inflated in the accident can cause hearing loss and continuous tinnitus.
This suggests that due to the popularity of airbags in the current safety design and the close connection with drivers and passengers, airbag injuries may become more common in the future.
Graham Buckley, expert consultant in Otolaryngology (
Head and neck surgeon)
The Leeds General Infirmary conducted the study with colleagues from the University Hospital of St. James in Leeds and the vehicle safety research center in Loughborough.
The inflation of the airbag can produce a sound level of up to 170 decibels for a duration of only 0.
Second, the results of the investigation.
According to two case studies included in the British Medical Journal article, this may be sufficient to cause hearing loss and tinnitus, especially at low speeds.
The first case is about a 38-year-
An old woman was involved in a car accident while driving at 20 miles an hour in the United States.
The airbag hit her right face and she noticed immediate hearing loss, tinnitus and instability.
A subsequent test showed permanent hearing loss in the inner ear.
Another example mentioned in the report is 68-year-
Hit the old man behind another car at about 15 miles an hour.
The airbag was inflated and he complained that there was \"bilateral\" hearing loss and tinnitus right away.
A test also confirmed his hearing loss.
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