DIY Aroma Beads Air Freshener

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-14
Beads can fill the room with fragrance without worrying about the safety of candles or wax heaters.
Most importantly, they are very simple to make at home ---
Or make a fuss.
Only beads, jars and sesame oil are needed.
The beads can be kept clear or dyed in a favorite color or matched with the room decor.
Fragrant beads are plastic beads that easily absorb sesame oil.
They look a lot like the filling of plush toys, but the beads of plush toys do not absorb sesame oil.
Candles can find incense beads, sesame oil and liquid candle dyesand soap-
Make supplies in craft shops or online.
Essential oils and beads are also very effective.
If you color the beads, be sure to use liquid candle dye.
Edible pigments or soap dyes cannot be well mixed with sesame oil and will be rubbed later on anything in contact with the beads.
Mix beads and sesame oil in a jar with a lid.
The glass can is ideal, but high density polyethylene and PET plastic are also good to use.
Look for 1 or 2 in the triangle at the bottom of the bottle.
Water bottles, peanut butter cans and soda bottles are good examples of these plastics.
First pour the sesame oil into the jar and use 2 to 3 tablespoons of sesame oil per pound of beads.
If you are dyeing the beads, add the dye to the sesame oil before adding the beads.
To get a good color, only one or two drops of dye are needed.
Once the oil and dye are mixed in the jar, add the beads slowly.
Beads need to be completely covered with sesame oil.
Once the beads are in the jar, cover the lid tightly and shake well.
It may take more than a week for oil to fully absorb;
Some oil is longer than others.
The temperature will be different. -
In warm times, oil is absorbed faster than in cold weather. Be patient.
Shake the jar frequently to ensure that the oil on the beads is uniform.
Don\'t be afraid of being creative.
Although there are a lot of scents, you can try to customize the mixed perfume.
Add a little clove and cinnamon to the pear or apple.
Mix mint with chocolate or chocolate and cardamom.
Not every combination can smell spectacular, but by practicing, you can create a completely unique and enjoyable scent.
Place the beads in a closed jar until they are ready to preserve the fragrance.
When ready to use, place the beads in an open jar, bowl or fabric sachet.
Be careful, though.
These oils can damage or stain the surface of wood or paint.
Do not use them in wax or oil extractor as they will melt.
Using them in hot cars can also melt beads.
They can last for several months depending on the temperature, exposure and fragrance.
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