do solar powered cars cause pollution?

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-16
The CD problem like electric vehicles and solar energy hides the cost of carbon, especially the production of panels used to capture solar radiation. In the mid-
For example, more than 2000 people are worried about tellur cadmium, one of the most promising photovoltaic compounds (
Metal combinations that produce electricity when exposed to solar radiation)
Could be a more dangerous pollutant than fossil fuels.
Cadmium is a carcinogenic heavy metal that poses a health risk to the lungs, kidneys and bones.
Air, soil and water pollutants also have great retention power in the environment.
But even though this poses a risk to health, a group of researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory pointed out that the relative risk is still very small compared to the use of fossil fuels.
In the agency\'s 2008 studies, researchers found that tellur\'s emissions of cadmium-based solar cells were about 300 times lower than those of coal.
Thermal power plant.
However, there is still a problem with the manufacture of these solar cells;
The production of solar cells requires fossil fuels.
From diesel that powers Earth mining for cadmium to coal-fired power that powers solar cell plants, there are some solar-related CO2 outputs.
However, it seems that solar energy is still relatively eco-friendly.
More friendly than traditional energy.
The same 2008 of studies found that when observing the overall use of electricity generated by solar energy compared to electricity generated by fossil fuels, solar energy represents a 90% reduction in air pollution.
It seems that while solar cars do have a responsibility for different types of pollution, solar energy still has a significant improvement in reducing pollution compared to fossil fuels.
Even concept solar cars can pollute.
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