fair-weather home fragrances: a new climate: candle manufacturers are banking on seasonal growth, as fragrance sprays shoot up the charts.

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No need for Christmas gifts for environmental perfume marketers-
They just want to have stronger sales this holiday season.
Industry experts predict that as consumers spend more time at home and indulge in festive decorations and scents, candles and other home perfume products will make their debut during the holidays.
US $2 billionS.
According to the National Candle Association, the candle market, which does not include candle accessories, has not grown strongly in recent years, but candles are still the focus of the family (NCA)Washington, D. C. C.
Despite a drop in spending on interior decoration last year, theNCA said that 74% of women still insist that candles are important household items, and 72% of women often use candles in home entertainment
\"A few years ago, as sales grew, the business was unstoppable,\" said Valerie Cooper, executive vice president of NCA . \".
\"But now, with many people spending less money on renovations, sales remain stable and somewhat flat.
\"Many candle manufacturers have had a slow year,\" added ChrisBalthasar, vice president of candle marketing at Nirvana in Santa Cruz, California.
\"It all depends on the economy.
However, candle sales are still growing at 65% of retailers, the report said.
\"Some companies are also trying to expand the supply of home perfumes to make up for the shortage of candles. Kline & Co.
The city of Little Falls, New Jersey, said sales of specialty room products and potpourri both rose in 2002, offsetting a decline in sales of candles and diffusers.
The company also pointed out in its \"American Home perfume 2002\" report that the room area has rebounded and increased by 5.
After two years in a row, 6% in 2002digitdeclines.
One thing is certain, regardless of the trend: consumers want their houses to smell as good as they look.
Festival celebrations, as part of a general nesting trend, have had a whole new meaning for party executives over the past few years.
More consumers than ever decorate the inside and outside of their home on any occasion.
\"We live in such a fast, high
In a fast-paced society, people want to make their home as beautiful as possible, because there is only a small amount of time there, \"said Bob Rosenberg, director of communications at PartyLite.
PartyLite executives say 50%S.
Families will be decorated after Christmas during Halloween.
\"Halloween is a very important decoration opportunity . \"Rosenberger.
\"It has changed from a decoration for one night to a season --
The long celebration of autumn.
\"Horse Plymouth\"
The US-based company wants to take advantage of an increase in holiday decorations outside Christmas.
This fall, the company\'s saurotaglow technology appeared in the pumpkin ball, a performance by Jacko\'-lantern.
According to executives, this clear candle technology makes candles glow from the inside out.
In the fall, PartyLite will introduce the autumn harvest perfume: Pear, Golden Apple, roasted almond, vanilla;
With crisp wood notes and sweet Moss, Amber and raw memories, whispering leaves, a mix of a family --
Grilled nutmeg, cinnamon and orange peel.
These smells are linked to memory.
This has led to a very successful eating trend for consumers.
\"Most of the new interest in perfume is nostalgic,\" he said . \"
Rosenberg explained.
\"For example, our specialty is a sweet scent that smells like baked goods.
\"The family classical music of Yankee candles has also expanded on nostalgic trends, adding two new candle scents: nutmeg and snow pine and conch.
NCA executives say the use of candles in the winter has increased, and bold contemporary colors such as plums, berries and magenta are expected to pop this year.
PartyLite will enrich its holiday season with a sweet cane, pine nuts, creamy cocoa and winter Solsticecandles.
Armatique, Heber Springs, AR, introduced pumpkin spice candles, as well as rich
Colorful and fragrant cinnamon cider in autumn, pepper candles and accessories.
This holiday season, armatiqueoffers offers holiday berries, a mixture of berries and golden plants with decorative aromas, refresher oils and room sprays, glass candles, votive, pillars and jar candles.
Other new memories
The scent of the wake-up candle includes the fragrance of the tree and amareto wines.
Of course, holidays are not the only time home perfumes can match the decorative theme.
NCA says there are many women in the room (31%)
The living room that wants to be redecorated, 46% of women spend most of their time in the living room.
The Yankee Candle Company in maderfield has launched an electric home fragrance for home heating rooms, which is related to the company\'s best-
Writers and HGTV hostSusie Coelho for sale.
The company believes the electric perfume market is growing.
\"This is the strongest trend we \'ve seen in home perfumes in years,\" insists Susan Stockman, director of public relations for Yankee candles.
According to the concept of \"styling with fragrance\", decoration and redecoration can be a daunting task and an easy way to use fragrance to change the atmosphere and inspire the design of the whole room.
Perfume, for example, can set an atmosphere for decorative ideas, paint colors, and furniture.
\"The concept of \'scented shape\' uses the sense of smell, and most people find it triggers strong memories, feelings, and thoughts . \"Stockman said.
\"Smell can be a big problem for how to decorate the room.
\"The diffusers have eight scents to choose from: Home sweet home, clean cotton, macinta, rodengrass and citrus, French vanilla, Beach Resort, sweet melon and lilac.
Yankee candles also point out that there is a gender gap when it involves fragrance and home decor.
\"People really realize that perfume plays a very powerful role in their lives,\" Ms.
Stockman commented.
\"Women in particular are very sensitive to their families.
\"In other news, Yankee candles will open two new Yankee Candle headquarters this fall, one in Nashua, NH and the other in Whitehorse, Maryland.
Executives say they will connect with the existing Yankee Candle store.
The pilot Yankee Candle home store is located at company\'s sheadquarters in Deerfield, Ma, and opened in June 20.
As Yankee Candle executives point out, this is a prelude to oil
Perfume is becoming more and more popular.
Information Resources Company(IRI)
Sales in Chicago have reportedly declined.
The 7% hypermarket sector, but industry experts insists that such problems are growing.
In the mass market, the Glade brand of SC Johnson has launched the theGlade plug-in sesame oil fan to provide long-term
The whole room had a lasting fragrance.
\"The secret of this innovative new product is the built-in
Among the fans of the oil perfume that actively exudes fragrance, \"insisted Therese Van Ryne, PR manager for global public affairs at WI Racine SC Johnson.
The dial of the fan has five levels of fragrance strength to control the intensity of the fragrance.
In addition, the plug-in sesame fan does not prevent the accessibility of the power outlet.
The Glade plug-in sesame oil Fanprimary unit includes a heater and an oil bottle, which is provided with a new scented floral escape and a popular scented Hawaiian breeze.
9 Additional Glade plug-in sesame oil varieties can also be used to ease the temperature of the fan.
\"Consumer research shows that people feel better and more comfortable when they are clean and tidy . \"Van Ryne.
\"Today, as families spend more and more time together at home, it is natural for home perfumes to become more and more popular.
\"SC added several scents to the Johnson Glade plug-in scentyal collection: Apple Cinnamon, butterfly garden, and summer berries.
In addition, Mango Splash and orange perfume can be seen under the Glade PlugInswarmers banner, including additional sockets for Glade plug-ins, double strength, night lights and classics.
Glade\'s Press \'n Fresh concentrate spray can now be refilled.
The smell released with finger pressing includes shower and Country Garden.
Each refill package has a \"scratch-n-
The \"sniff\" function to taste the perfume. Blyth Inc.
According to executives, some diffuser based on its bloomin Essences diffuser will be added under different brands next year.
In the home colony of Braith, people also praise candles with liquid and dry dishes.
\"Candles are still the most popular way to deliver, but when people buy candles, they often buy extra products with the same fragrance,\" said John Laman, Vice President of Marketing, North America, bryce homedocuments.
The Body Shop of professional retailer CA Burlingame will release limited edition sesame oil this fall, including old and most popular spades and spicy berries, as well as new autumn winds and apples
During the holidays, the company will launch cinnamon, cranberry, snow, figs, Brandi apples and holiday pine trees.
Each cup is priced at $7, and the oil is heated in the aroma tank of the body shop.
As it rolled out the wizard name in favor of Air Wick, Reckett Benckiser released the Air Wick Click spray long-acting bathroom freshener last year.
According to IRI, there is no air freshener in the Wizard\'s home.
Last year, the supermarket ranked second in the air freshener category.
This aerosol can use almost any vertical, solid bathroom surface built in
In holes or rubber pads.
Executives say it can easily be re-applied to surfaces up to three times, and the scent is released at one brick.
The peony rose, sparkling citrus and fresh water aromas are served with appetizers and refills.
Another noteworthy trend in the home perfume market is fragrance.
SC Johnson\'s new Glade 3 in 1 candle contains three layers of perfume, which complements each other when one layer burns to the other, creating a unique mixture.
The first point is Glade.
One candle in the supermarket, with sales of $43.
According to IRI, 1 million years of endedJuly is 2003.
\"Consumers like to try different scents and mix and match them,\" explains SC Johnson\'s MS . \"Van Ryne.
One night at home, Glade 3 scents combine clean linens, scented bath salts, and a warm fireplace;
Berry picking mixed with fresh strawberries, wild raspberries, midnight berries and starry Gardens, mixed with the night-blooming aromas of Moonflower, Lemon Lily and Magnolia.
In addition, PartyLite with creamy cocoa is added to the trend of aroma layering.
The candle has white and gray colors, imitating a cup of cocoa with sweet cream.
\"There is a growing trend in perfume layering,\" he explained . \"
\"We brought a few great perfumes,\" says Rosenberg.
People also create their own unique mixture, such as original memories and Pearl fun, by burning two candies at the same time.
\"New entries into the candle market this year include two foods --
Like fragrance and fragrance, designed to promote good-being.
The blyth\' scoloniya candle division expanded the sorbet range with Apple Peaches, apricot mangoes, black cherry and Kiwi strawberries.
The original elements of CA Garden Grove expand its range of mysterious and colored bowl candles.
These series use patented paraglider translucent gel and candles, which are enhanced by glass bowls when light shines.
In autumn and winter, there will be more than 20 mysterious candle forms for bayberry and fruit.
This fall, some elements have been added to the original gourmet collection, such as appleini, Fireside and Winterfall.
Vegetable wax-
All four new fragrances have aromatic-based candles: cinnamon apples, Hearts, holidays, and after dinner.
The original elements also extend their aluminum aromatic candles through several new scents, such as bergamot tea, figs, orange cream, red currant and paper white.
At the Wild Indigo treatment center in Kansas City, Missouri, people light a few candles for the holidays.
Holiday confetti fragrance is a mixture of mint, fir needles and sweet orange that can be bought in fragrance fog, Zum Glow candles and soap.
Frankincense and no medicine are also new, a treatment of depth, warmth and wood, sold in various forms such as Zum glowing candles, incense, incense mist and gift sets.
Other new candles include Zum Tov, a mixture of almonds and oranges, and cinnamon Zum Glow.
A large number of containers selling candles can also make fashion statements at home, which is largely related to changes in consumers\' attitudes from \"cocoons\" to \"hiding.
\"People come home with more family and friends and get active,\" said Mr . \"Lanman.
\"The desire to have a house that looks good is evengreater.
Sales of home products and decorations will benefit from this. \" Seventy-
9% of consumers buy pot candles.
To take advantage of this fact, a division of Blyth, Colonial at Home, recently launched a signature line located in an upscale jar with a metal cover and a transparent label.
Candle cans have eight scents, including cranberry, raspberry and rain, and four. 5-and 9. 5-oz. sizes.
Candles are sold through independent retailers using a mixture of paraffin and bean wax.
Under the simple essence collection, Blyth now offers a range of leisure facilities in the iconic oval glass jar.
There are three new fragrances this fall, including eucalyptus clove, water lily and lemon grass.
Executives insist that these natural spices can provide a break for the troubled world. \"These nature-
The color and fragrance of inspiration bring the basic beauty of the outdoors. Lanman.
\"There is a lot of anxiety outside and women are looking for comfort.
Nature is the bridge to this point.
Some candle manufacturers are calling for environmental protection to reduce, reuse and recycleawareconsumers.
Nirvana candle, Santa Cruz, California, with Nirvana oil, premium essential oil-
And vegetable wax.
Candles in reusable vases.
The remaining wax can be melted and poured out in the oven, two-
The exquisite vase becomes part of the home decoration. \"In-
We insist on the mission of the company. and socially-
\"Conscious products . \"Balthasar.
\"Jar candles are an important part of the market, but what do you do with jars after you light them?
\"Flower bottle rack 4.
75 inch high, yellowred,red-green, green-
Blue, cobalt blue-
Orange and Greenyellow.
KarmieCandle cubes are sold in a variety of colors and scents, such as Mandarin (red-orange), Lemon Drop (pale yellow), Ginger (bright blue)
And Rosemary (bright green).
Nirvana candles are sold in retail stores and the whole food market.
The bacterial Blues in the home perfume category has introduced several new products over the past year, not only making the home fresh, but also killing bacteria.
SC Johnson has entered the newly created \"air disinfection\" category with Oust.
Not only did masks smell, but 99 people were killed, executives said. 9% of odor-
Causing bacteria
Executives say it has something to do with smells.
Bacteria are produced in the air, filling the gap between consumers.
\"According to the gap in consumer demand, in last December, we launched OustAir disinfectant, which can not only cover up the smell, but also cover up the smell . \"
Van Ryne of SC Johnson
\"It kills bacteria, binds and takes them with their odor molecules, removing unwanted scents from pets, dirty clothes, mold, and bathrooms.
\"The product has floral, outdoor and citrus aromas.
SC Johnson also added a range of spray under its Glade banner.
Unlike other Glade sprays, executives say the new Glade Fragrant mistis is packaged in a smooth and elegant glass bottle described as a high-
Provide quality perfume for your family.
\"It not only adds a pleasant aroma to the room, but also enhances the decoration.
\"After use, there is no need to hide the spray in the cabinet, because the stylish glass bottle adds to the atmosphere and decoration of any room in your home,\" Ms.
Said Van Ryne.
The fog in the room
Warm Alpine spices and aromas of country gardens.
Dial has introduced the new Renuzit Super scent neutralizer, a Finnish spray that freshens the air and eliminates the smell of air and fabricladen.
Renuzit product grade No. 4 and No.
According to IRI, it ranks fifth in the supermarket air freshener category.
The company\'s executives said that the propellant was not used in the renuzit Super scent.
It has three variants, Orchard Garden, citrus and herbal flowers.
According to Kline & Co. , in early 2003, recitt Benckiser introduced Neutra Air, a similar product sold under the Lysol Brand
\"The changes in these new products blur the line between room spray and home cleaning products, and we may see more products with cleaning benefits and rooms --
Lenka Contras, director of the consumer goods business group at Fre & Co, said: \"fresh smell . \"
Heather\'s natural and organic cleaning products are Jason natural cosmetics department located in Culver City, California, and recently launched aline-from Magni-Fi-
There are several varieties of fragrance in the fragrance room: fresh lemon, fresh ocean, fresh forest and fresh Orchard flowers.
They use pure essential oils.
For a car or any space that requires an elevator, the car-Freshener Corp.
Watertown, New York, has launched a new plastic air freshener collection under its Great banner.
The aggressive reptiles in the shape of gecko and frog have a fresh and clean smell.
While sales of candles and diffuser fell sharply last year, executives insisted that the home fragrance industry remained strong and opportunistic.
\"The candle category is still growing, but not at the same rate of 1990 generations,\" Mr Blyth homescentes noted . \"Lanman.
\"With this trend gradually stabilizing, marketers are looking for innovative ways to stimulate new interest and ancillary categories to help grow the business.
\"Nowadays, consumers must pay more attention to home decoration and create a warm and attractive atmosphere. The popularity of programs such as\" trading space \"of learning channels proves this, \"Home Fragrance Use and holiday decoration.
The next big thing will depend on the consumer\'s lifestyle and product innovation.
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