how can solar panels power a car?

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-15
If there is no such thing as a free lunch, how about a free ride?
Think about it, how pleasant it would be if your car could continue driving without spending a penny on fuel.
If you drive a solar car
The dream of a car will come true.
Like solar energy.
Solar cars use energy from the sun to turn it into electricity.
Electricity then supplies fuel to the battery of the car\'s engine.
Instead of using batteries, some solar cars deliver power directly to the motor.
Solar cars can pass through photovoltaic cells (PVC).
PVCs is a solar panel assembly that converts solar energy into electrical energy.
They consist of semiconductors that absorb light, usually made of silicon.
Then, the energy released by the sun is released from the electrons in the semiconductor, producing the electron flow.
The electricity generated by this flow power a battery in a solar car or a motor for a dedicated car.
For more details on solar energy, please read how solar cells work.
While you can\'t find solar cars at any dealer, people have been building their own models since the 1970 generation.
Ed Passerini built his own full solar car in 1977 called \"Bluebird\" and Larry Perkins drove \"quiet winners\" in 1982, all of them the first to do so
Ford and Mazda even tested the water with a solar hybrid concept car.
The 2006 Ford Reflex installed solar panels in the headlights, and the 2005 Mazda Senku installed solar panels on the roof to help the battery charge.
The 2008 Cadillac Provost uses solar panels to power accessories such as interior lights and sound systems.
While reflection, Provoq, and Senku are just conceptual models, as companies try to find innovative ways to circumvent gasoline dependence, cars equipped with solar panels may be careful to enter the consumer car industry.
The French company has launched an eclectic prototype at 2006 Paris auto show, one of the most publicized efforts.
Combining solar, wind and battery power, running three-
Passenger cars for urban driving.
Solar panels cover the roof, and wind turbines can capture energy in the days of the wind.
However, an eclectic road trip to the church will not be cut off because it only travels 30 miles per hour (48 kph).
This raises the question: What is the utility of solar energy?
Power car.
We will discuss this topic on the next page.
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