how to make car air fresheners

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-22
It is understandable that modern people often cannot go without cars.
Personally, I am a car lover and I like my car very much.
Although, I bought a used car, I was very satisfied with it and felt comfortable driving.
However, there is one thing that often bothers me.
I am talking about the air in the passenger compartment. The air is usually stuffy and it is not so pleasant to breathe.
If you are also a driver then you may know that modern car air fresheners are quite expensive and need to be purchased on a regular basis.
That\'s why I decided to make a few samples of air freshener with a natural fragrance.
They are very easy to make and you can do that regardless of the type and model of car you are driving.
So let\'s start right away!
To produce natural car air fresheners, you need the following supplies: Take fried coffee powder and fill paper bags with them.
There should be about 50 grams of coffee in two or three paper bags.
The same amount of coffee grains should be placed in a small cotton bag that you will use later.
Take a satin ribbon after a bag full of coffee grains (
Best with the same or similar colors)
Tie up the bag.
If possible, you can decorate the bag with any decorative elements on hand.
Stick the paper bag together with a thick needle to let the fragrant air flow out of it.
Now, pick up the glue gun and decorate the paper bag with coffee grains.
You can place this air freshener anywhere in the car.
However, if you want this scent to come from the left or right side of the car, then you can make another air freshener.
Take a small cotton bag containing the coffee grain you prepared in the first step and tie it with a thin rope until you get a ball.
Then take a napkin with a coffee pattern, cut the piece you need, and stick it carefully to the cotton ball.
Now, decorate the cotton balls with coffee grains.
Stick them around the ball and connect the ring.
As soon as the glue is dry, you can decorate your air freshener with whatever elements you like. That’s it!
Your handmade car air freshener is ready now!
They\'re simple, aren\'t they?
The aroma of fresh natural coffee will fill your car for about two weeks, after which you can update the fragrance with essential oils!
I hope this tutorial will be of great help to you! Good luck!
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