how to make gel car air fresheners

by:JEBSEN ARTS      2020-04-20
Making your own gel air freshener for the car is a fun, easy and cost-effective waysaving project.
While most gel air fresheners have very strong artificial scents, you can customize your homemade gel air freshener based on the exact color and smell you want.
You can even color your gel air freshener.
The easiest way to prepare gel air freshener to sit in the car is to pour it into a petri dish and let it settle down.
You can find peirs\' dishes or similar items in any craft store.
Cook a cup of distilled water in a big pot.
Pour 4 packs of unseasoned gelatin into boiling water and stir until dissolved.
Remove the pot from the fire and add a cup of room
Temperature distilled water.
How much essential oil you want to add.
Usually 10 to 20 drops is enough.
Add a few drops of edible pigment to color the gel. Add 1 tsp.
Put the salt into the gelatin mixture.
This will inhibit mold growth.
Pour the gelatin mixture into a petri dish.
It is allowed to be set at room temperature for 24 hours or until the temperature is stable.
Cut a piece of transparent packaging tape and circle it yourself, thus forming a continuous sticky circle.
Stick it to the back of the Petri dish, then stick the Petri dish on the dashboard.
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